Hey! My name is Mathias and I am the face behind CAINTÉ. Please spend 30 sec. on reading this before ordering your first piece of  jewellery.

Through many years of wearing  jewellery I have received numerous compliments from both boys and girls about my jewellery. I have always worn  jewellery and therefore I am also 99% sure that you wont regret your first piece of  jewellery!

Your first piece of  jewellery as a boy/man is often a chance to take. ''Is it something for me? Is it too feminine? Can I wear it? '' Etc ..

When wearing  jewellery, you create your own unique identity and personality that stands out.

CAINTÉ  jewellery can be worn 24/7, so you will always have some kind of style and feel comfortable.

It is NOT feminine to wear  jewellery as a boy /man. Remember, ''A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of a sheep'';).

The only thing I personally always avoided are the not so ''stylish'' brands, that sometimes does not have the knowledge and an ''eye for fashion'' to actually design and produce the  jewellery i wanted.. Then it can quickly have the opposite effect .. So because of that I've created CAINTÉ and designed all the items so both you and I are sure its a fit.

Shape, design, length, size, material, etc. EVERYTHING is well thought through to the smallest detail.