How do I adjust my Caintè watch?

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Delivery time?

Free worldwide shipping.

- Europe in 4-5 business day/s with express Shipping

- International in 5-6 business day/s with express Shipping

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too!

Write us an email and we will analyze each case. Some orders are in pre-order and we cannot cancel them.

What does the 2-year warranty on CAINTÈ watches cover?

CAINTÈ offers a 2-Year warranty on watches purchased directly on our webshop.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects due to faulty material or workmanship only on the watch components itself (movement, case, bracelet or strap, hands and indexes) under normal condition of use.

Other components or areas not included in the above will not be covered by this warranty.

Can I return / exchange my product?

We offer 30 days return/exchange. We are extending the period for gifts so that it applies from the day the gift is given :)

We do everything to make sure our customers love our products, but if you need to return an order or exchange it, we are happy to help. Contact us by clicking here

What is lifetime warranty?

CAINTÈ wants to deliver the highest standard / quality of jewellery.

We offer lifetime guarantee on all our jewelery. If your product is damaged, fades or does not work under normal use, the warranty gives you the right to a one-time replacement of the jewelry for free - all we ask is that you cover the shipping costs, that's all!

Please note that we can only offer a replacement for the exact same item that is damaged, we can not replace it with another piece of jewelry of the same or different value. If you want to request a replacement for a defective piece of jewelery or for more details about the lifetime guarantee, you can send an e-mail to info@cainte.com

*Lifetime warranty does not replace lost/stolen jewelry, intentional breakage, small scratches from everyday use, faded coating or on our CAINTÉ watches.

What if my Christmas present needs to be returned/exchanged?

Christmas gifts can be returned/exchanged up to 30 days after the 24th December.

Duties & Taxes

We do not cover additional expenses related with duties & taxes outside EU.

Condensation in your watch?

Condensation - Pay close attention to condensation!

Temperature fluctuations can create a vacuum inside the watch, which can cause condensation to form under the glass. Condensation appears as small droplets of moisture inside the watch and should be addressed immediately.

You can dry the watch yourself using the following suggestions, but our supplier always recommends consulting a watchmaker who can remove the back case of the watch and dry it more effectively.

The moisture inside the watch does not disappear just because the condensation disappears. Therefore, it is important to properly dry the watch. If you do not fully dry the watch, the moisture can damage the movement, potentially causing irreparable harm.

No watches are condensation-proof, even if they are waterproof. Condensation typically occurs when transitioning from extreme cold to high heat.

It is unfortunate if condensation occurs in your watch, but condensation is not a manufacturing defect and therefore not covered by the warranty.

What can you do yourself?

There are several ways you can dry the watch yourself.

Solution 1: Fill a bag with rice and pull out the crown of the watch. Close the bag and let the watch sit inside it for at least 24 hours.

Solution 2: Pull out the crown of the watch and place it on a radiator or use a hairdryer.

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